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THC oils are the resins or “concentrates” that are extracted from cannabis flowers and plant material. These oils can be extracted using a variety of methods to create products that shatter like glass, spread like butter,  or crumble into fine powders. buy thc oil online

They have a wide range of applications and effects depending on their use. Understanding common terms, how THC oils work and the different types of oils available will give you a good understanding of their benefits and which oils could work for you.


Cannabis oils can be thought of like other essential oils of plants — they are the extracted components such as cannabinoids and terpenes that are responsible for the unique aroma, flavor and potency profiles of cannabis flowers.

They can be created without the use of a solvent, or with specifically chosen solvents and methodical processes that generate specific flavor profiles and a crystalline appearance.

Solvent-Based Extracts Solventless Extracts
CO2 oil 


Hydrocarbon extracts (BHO)

Dry sift 

Ice water hash



You may hear topicals, tinctures and infused oils referred to as “cannabis oil,” but this is less common. Make sure to clarify this with your budtender or the person offering you the product.

Solvent-Based Cannabis Oil Extracts

  • CO2 oil: Oils extracted using carbon dioxide, they are typically packaged as vape cartridges.
  • Distillate: A potent extract stripped of everything but cannabinoid when in its purest form. Distillates can be consumed sublingually, transdermally, used in edibles, in capsules or packaged as vapes.
  • Hydrocarbon extracts (BHO): Commonly known as butane hash oil because the oils are extracted using solvents like butane. BHO is available as budder, crumble, shatter, and wax.


Solventless Cannabis Oil Extracts

  • Dry sift: A collection of trichome glands taken from cured cannabis, this concentrate is also referred kief or dry sieve. It’s typically added to cannabis to enhance its potency or pressed into a rosin and dabbed.
  • Ice water hash: Also made up of trichomes but created using ice water, different forms of this concentrate are also known as bubble hash, ice wax or wet sift. It can be dabbed or added to cannabis flower.
  • Rosin: Similar to BHO, but without the chemicals, this concentrate is available as dry sift rosin, flower rosin, and hash rosin. It can be smoked, dabbed or vaped.


These higher potency cannabis offerings provide relief and relaxation for a variety of symptoms and conditions, including chronic pain, epilepsy and seizures, cancer, and even anxiety. buy thc oil online



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